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Workshop: Exploring Touch and Consent


Saturday Sept. 15 * 3pm-530pm

Do you have trouble expressing your desires? Do you struggle to assert your boundaries around touch? Do you want to take your experiences with touch from fine to amazing?

Exploring Consent and Touch is a guided, clothes-on workshop in practicing clear consent and non-sexual, open-hearted touch. It is an invitation to connect, express your no, set your boundaries, own your desires, practice moving through and past rejection, negotiate, enjoy and explore touch, and be present with yourself and others. All in a fun, playful workshop that welcomes all bodies, races, genders, orientations, relationship configurations and backgrounds.

Here's the agenda for the afternoon:

3:00 - Doors open and you'll have an opportunity to arrive, sign in, and get comfortable.

3:30 - We'll begin with an opening circle, then we will move into a series of authentic relating, consent and touch exercises.

These exercises will create opportunities to practice saying no and setting boundaries, practice asking for what you want and negotiating, explore giving and receiving touch. We will explore using Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent to play with the differences between accepting and allowing, taking and serving, and why they are all valid ways to touch and be touched.

5:30 - Event will conclude.


All exercises are 100% optional. Anyone who does not want to participate at any time may sit off to the side or cross their arms in front of their chest to indicate they need a break.

Tickets are limited, and this event will likely sell out.

If you want to participate and need any accommodation, please e-mail Libby at The venue is only partially accessible - there is a ramp to enter, but the bathroom is upstairs. There is a Starbucks a block away if you need an accessible bathroom.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please e-mail Libby at

What is non-sexual, open-hearted touch? It is touch that is given and received with an open heart. It is touch that is always 100% chosen by all parties. Touch without any agenda that is given with an open heart can be incredibly nourishing to the human spirit, and it is the goal of this workshop to create space to give and receive that together.