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Concert: Andrea Pensado / Chris Strunk, Wes Swing, Concentric Circles


ANDREA PENSADO (b. Argentina), works with sound as a performer and programmer. She studied in Argentina and Poland where she graduated in Composition with honors. However, her music started to gradually move from composition to improvisation. Paradoxically, nowadays, Pensado finds herself rooted in the Boston underground noise scene where she plays solos and collaborates frequently with other musicians. Her more stable groups are Phurnne (a trio with Jenifer Gelineau and Stephanie M. Germaine), Los Condenados (with Walter Wright, Bonnie Kane and Chris Strunk), Bats From Pogo (with Walter Wright) and Sheer Anxiety (with Chris Strunk). She performs extensively across the United States and has been featured many times in Europe and South America. The performances take place in all sorts of varied venues from regular concert halls to art galleries, clubs, lofts, basements, record stores and "house-shows". She has releases with Zeromoon, Feeding Tube Records, YDLMIER, Hidden Temples, Pan y Rosas, LITL, Ayurvedic Tapes and Anathema Archives. Since 2010, she runs Sonorium, a quarterly series of experimental music in Salem, MA.

CHRIS STRUNK is a Boston based percussionist and drummer. His solo work focuses on cymbal overtones, friction, and the vibration and rattle of non traditional objects used as percussion instruments. He has been an active show promoter and musician in the Boston area for the past sixteen years. He has been active in many groups such as Los Condenados, Avoidance, Taps, Phantom Rides, Sheer Anxiety, Conversions, Baja Blatz, Sleeper Cell, and many more. His first full length cd No Chart Could Map My Constellations is soon forthcoming on the newly minted, Philadelphia based label Killing Time Between the Ice Ages. 

WES SWING (VA) - is a singer, cellist, songwriter, and composer from Virginia. On his new full-length album And The Heart, dark, foggy soundscapes and subdued cello melodies slowly focus into moments of clarity, overtaken by a symphony of vocal harmonies, strings, synths and pounding beats, before receding back into an instrumental dreamworld.  Swing’s music is featured regularly on NPR and by several modern dance companies. Wes and band will be performing throughout the US and Europe in support of And the Heart, and in addition to music, he is currently writing a book of short stories.   

CONCENTRIC CIRCLES is a three piece free improvisation/avant-garde project based in Washington, D.C. 

Members are: Christine Paluch (synths, bass) is a D.C. based experimental musician and composer that records and performs under the moniker PraxisCat. She is a multi-instrumentalist that specializes in synthesis and string instruments. She seeks to explore trhe relationship of synthesia and urban spaces in her improvisational performances. 

Abram Mamet (French horn) is a jazz musician who has published work on the history and pedagogy of the French horn in creative music. Teachers include Manuel Collazo (Colorado Springs), Keith Oxman (Denver), Franz Sollner (Vienna), Morris Kliphuis (Amsterdam), and Josh Clark (NYC). 

Dan Newhauser (drums, percussion) played drum set in Shark Week (DC) and Montresors (AZ) and live percussion for U.S. Royalty (DC).