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Workshop: Build a Synth with Peter Blasser


Saturday July 28th   12-5 PM      $233 (includes your own hand-built Shnth)

Join Ciat Lonbarde's Peter Blasser July 28th for an all-day synth-making workshop in which participants will assemble their own Shbobo Shnth, a completely customizable music synthesizer.

The Shnth combines concepts from modular synthesis, computer music and circuit-bending into a compact, extremely playable all-in-one instrument . All sounds are synthesized in real time by the Shnth's embedded ARM microprocessor into a 16-bit stereo output. Every aspect of the Shnth's performance can be customized and instantly re-programmed via USB. It even comes complete with its own graphical programming environment (Fish), which we will learn to use in the workshop. The Shnth is portable, includes a rechargeable battery pack, and can store up to 256 presets to be recalled as needed 'in the field'. You can hear some examples of the Shnth in action here.

In this workshop you will build your own Shnth and learn how to program it to explore the rich world of electronic music. No prior experience needed!