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Concert: Space Saver, Jordan Perry, Shodekeh

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Saturday July 14,                  8pm               $10 suggested donation

Space Saver - Based in Charlottesville VA, Travis Thatcher (Voice of Saturn, Judi Chicago) and Steve Snider (Golden Glasses, Cataract Camp) utilize saxophones, drums, fx and self-designed electronics to produce a dynamic, wooly wall of noise containing within as much nuance as it does concussive power. Space-Saver is the real-time combination of Snider and Thatcher’s diverse musical experiences and tastes, including free jazz, doom metal, acid techno, ambient and minimal synth music. SAVE YRSLF is the product of their desire to create an immediate message that is at once accessible and overwhelming, both visceral and spaced out.

Jordan Perry (VA)  "Although there are some basic völk sonorities in his playing, Mr. Perry  combines these with more avant garde note selections and compositional gambits, as well as a string attack with classical qualities. While there’s a gentleness to the melodies at which he eventually arrives, Perry’s journey crosses prickly patches of tone clusters, and has a circular logic that defies pop logic. A few passages recall moments on All Is Ablaze, our recent album with experimental player Julia Reidy (FTR 338), while some of the open strumming has a beautifully languid quality verging on mid period William Ackerman." - Byron Coley

Shodekeh (MD) - Shodekeh is a professional beat boxer and vocal percussionist who has been performing and honing his craft since age nine. By channeling the aural concepts of various instruments and soundscapes, he’s able to vocalize the many dynamic emulations of everything from drum sets, synthesizers, turntables, congas, horns and bass guitars to ocean waves, sleigh bells, crickets and helicopters. Shodekeh is the founding director of “Embody, A Music Series of the Vocal Arts,” which strives for artistic and cultural unity through the many vocal traditions from the world from opera, throat singing, to beat boxing.