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Workshop: DIY Electronics with Vaux Flores - The Gold Standard


Saturday May 26th   12 - 4pm        $100 (includes the pedal!)

Our third workshop at Rhizome for the good year of our potentially dark lord, 2018. This time, we, being VauxFlores, offer to you for your soldering pleasure, the Gold Standard, arguably one of the most extreme pedals we've made to date.

This thing is nuts. It does horrible things. It sputters, it blips, it oscillates and makes chirps, clicks and warbles in all the quiet, sensitive parts. And it does it all with two knobs in an attempt to bottle the most extreme settings of our Number 24 fuzz, but as a stripped-down “racing” edition that doesn't require a pilots license to operate. Actually, it's a little more than that – if anything, this pedal begins at the most extreme settings of the 24 and continues into the realm of monsters and nightmares – meaning it's perfectly capable of harsh doom, power improv and under the discerning guidance of a willing initiate, jazz-funk fusion. I would not recommend using this for anything in the vein of new american primitive guitar music. But if you do somehow manage to make the connection, I want to release your record. Back to colorful descriptions: Imagine a room full of power tools. At the bottom of the ocean. With a nest of angry bees. That someone taught to sing in four voice harmony. Yeah, something like that. Per the good folks at Guitar Player magazine, we offer three quotes from their November 2014 issue about said pedal:

Quote 1: “There is practically no option here for anything but madness.”

Quote 2: “With everything set just right, you can get almost endless sustain.”

Quote 3: “Take care. This pedal may have the power to destroy the world.”

So yeah, nuts. But also musical. Musically nuts. I doubt it literally
has the power to destroy the world but a.) kudos to that and b.) if it
did, wow. And sorry for you know, destroying the world.

Also, the artwork for this guy was provided by Baltimore composer
extraordinaire Liz Meredith. If you dig the aesthetics, you totally
should peep the rest of her work. You'll be glad you did.

So logistics – as usual the workshop will go from 12 PM – 4 PM and all
materials will be provided. No prior electronics experience is needed
and yes, you get to keep the pedal at the end of the workshop. Price
is $100 and we recommend bringing a guitar or any other amplified
goodies you might want to plug into your pedal for jamming and
socializing once complete.

As with previous VF workshops, we strive to keep the atmosphere
casual, informative and friendly – so feel free to bring a snack and a
story and hopefully we'll all leave as buddies at the end of the day.
For this workshop, attendance will be limited to 10 and a small
VauxFlores pop-up shop will also be on-site for anyone interested in
taking home a couple other oddities without having to solder it