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Concert: The Orchardist, Idaho Joe Windslow, Umbilicus

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Saturday April 7th      8pm        $10 suggested donation

The Orchardist (Belfast, ME) is the new moniker of morphological audio / visual project of Grant Corum, from Portland, OR's out-there psychedelic community MILLION BRAZILIANS.  Corum explores a metaphysical relationship with a micro to macrocosmic world. His sounds examine esoteric and spiritual concepts through hypnotic layers of rhythm and melody using otherworldly samples of his own creation, gritty synthesizers and an array of wind & percussion instruments collected from worldly travels. He will be playing selections from The Orchardist's debut album 'Mercury Vineyard Surgeries'.
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Idaho Joe Windslow (Bay Area, CA):  is one of the most guileless-sounding musicians around these days, a quality that puts him in good company with fellow outsider artists like Daniel Johnston. Using instruments of his own creation—like the gongtar, a cello fitted with a gong resonator—and drum machines he apparently picked up in India and the Middle East, Windslow creates hypnotic, lo-fi, mantra-like pseudo-pop tunes that, as he puts it on his SoundCloud page, are about his "struggles with depression [and] anxiety and how they relate to the artist's mind." On records like Secret Fleas in the Dwarf Palace, his LP on imprint Psychic Sounds, that translates to swirling, warbling self-recriminations and strange confessional tunes sung with a lilt eerily similar to David Thomas of Pere Ubu. - RH, Portland Mercury
For his East Coast tour, Joe presents 8 new insane videos while performing songs off his new album 'Hud Hud Hud Hud Hud Hud Hud Hud Hud Hud Hud'.
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Umbilicus (Balt.) was founded in 2012 in reaction to the generic contemporary percussion quartet, with the intention of promoting and performing a more experimental repertoire, much if it composed by its members. Umbilicus has roots in the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. It consists of UMBC faculty member Tom Goldstein and three UMBC alums: Paul Neidhardt, Michelle Purdy and Will Redman. The group has commissioned and premiered an array of works. The name Umbilicus contains the letters U M B C.