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Workshop: DIY Electronics with Vaux Flores #6 - Pejibaye Overdrive Pedal


Saturday March 31st,   12-4pm           $80 (includes pedal!)

Another workshop brought to you by the good folks at VauxFlores – this
time, we offer to you the Pejibaye, which a semi-transparent,
darlington overdrive that’s designed to sling mud in the most subtle
of ways – letting your guitar’s tone shine through while
simultaneously getting down and nasty at the drop of a dime, but still
able to clean up nice for the ride home. Stylistically, it sits
somewhere between a dirty boost and a nicely-saturated overdrive,
providing tone coloration without completely tweaking your tone – not
to say that it doesn’t get dirty.

On the right, single volume knob controls it all – the rest is up to
your playing, pickups and volume settings from your guitar. On the
left, a toggle to gives you a couple clipping options, ranging from
nearly nothing to full on crunch – with a decent smattering of
clipping solutions to be offered to custom -tailor your tone.

Also, this guy can get l-o-u-d – as in a boost of about 30 db. Always
a good thing for searing solos, anthemic fanfares and retro
explorations of that mid-90’s “whisper and then wall” sound we all
seemed to like for some reason. For those more into subtlety, think of
this more as your perfect companion for mangrove blues, cloud forest
boogie and deep swamp moss-hops.

By the by, a Pejibaye is a type of palm fruit common to Costa Rican
cuisine, but often considered little more than livestock feed
elsewhere. The flavor is subtle, yet unique – definitely an acquired
taste and seldom presented as typical fare to outsiders. If you can
find it, give it a taste – you’ll probably like it. I originally
designed this circuit while living in Costa Rica in response to
requests for pedals that would compliment the local music scene that
weren’t as extreme as my production-run fuzzes – and over time, hey,
the sound kind of grew on me, similar to the fruit of it’s namesake.

So logistics – the workshop will go from 12 PM – 4 PM and all
materials will be provided. No prior electronics experience is needed
and yes, you get to keep the pedal at the end of the workshop. Price
is $80 and we recommend bringing a guitar or any other amplified
goodies you might want to plug into your pedal for jamming and
socializing once complete.

As with previous VF workshops, we strive to keep the atmosphere
casual, informative and friendly – so feel free to bring a snack and a
story and hopefully we'll all leave as buddies at the end of the day.
For this workshop, attendance will be limited to 10 and a small
VauxFlores pop-up shop will also be on-site for anyone interested in
taking home a couple other oddities without having to solder it