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Art Opening: Eliza Wapner

Friday March 23rd     7:30PM        

In this series of work, Eliza Wapner explores how trauma is recorded in the body both on a physical level and through embedded memories that are revealed in our actions and behavior. She looks at the idiosyncratic aspects of universal motions such as touching, walking, and completing daily tasks as an expression of our personal histories and as a mysterious language that bodies use to communicate with others. She looks at the messages ingrained within bodies that emerge from societal expectations and that thus become encoded in our routine movements and folded into this intimate language. She specifically explores how this phenomenon makes it impossible to control the way our bodies are perceived. By combining performance, video, and sculpture using silicone, wax, yarn, and water she synthesizes her personal experience and medical history in an installation that is very much a self portrait of her current body both physically and mentally.