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Artmaking as an Actionable tool


Tuesday February 13th    7pm       FREE

wild Up is a band of Los Angeles musicians committed to creating visceral, thought-provoking happenings. The group, led by artistic director and conductor Christopher Rountree, unites around the belief that no music is off limits, and that a concert space should be as moving as the music heard in it: small, powerful and unlike anything else.

In this Do Good Dialogue, Rountree and local artists Janel Leppin and Thomas Stanley host a public conversation, examining how artists create change in society. Rountree writes, “what a set of gargantuan tasks lays out before us. Many of us feel like our work couldn't possibly be enough to do what it needs to do…but I’m eager to talk about how it can and what we can do to make that happen.”

There will likely be some music-making happening after the are welcome to participate in this!