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Concert: John Hoegberg, Nicky Smith, Allison Clendaniel, Arthur Harrison+Amber Dunleavy

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Wednesday Nov.28 * 8pm * $10

John Hoegberg is a guitarist and singer from Baltimore, MD. John's primary activity as a musician for the past fours years has been developing a style of guitar-and-voice songwriting that can be described as sitting somewhere between abstract and sentimental. He draws from the works of other like-minded singer-songwriters (such as David Grubbs and Richard Dawson), minimalism and the intuitive structures of free improvisation for his songs. Central to his songwriting is the usage of extended techniques that descend from his playing cross-legged, the guitar resting on his lap and the strings facing upwards. He cannot, in fact, play any other way.

Nicky Smith is a filmmaker/musician/writer based in Baltimore, MD. Latest works include Universal Precautions, a solo album of songs, and The Streets Are Hot Tonight, a 22-minute tape collage made on a Tascam 424 mkiii cooked in American chaos. New tape collage Sipper of Tea & short film Asheville Soundcheck coming soon.'

Allison Clendaniel is an interdisciplinary artist in Baltimore, MD. Her work encompasses sound, classical & extended vocal technique, performance art, movement, technology, and theatre. A versatile performer and improviser, Allison has composed and played music for voice, synthesizer, piano, computer, cello, and theremin in both solo and collaborative environments. She currently focuses her artistic attention at the intersectionality between technology and acoustic instruments. She has studied voice and movement with legendary performer and composer, Meredith Monk at the House Foundation, clowning with Globus Hystericus, and has toured extensively through North America as a teacher and performing artist.

Arthur Harrison+Amber Dunleavy - Arthur Harrison has been designing and performing on theremin for 25 years. In 1995, he set out to create an optimized version of the instrument, with an emphasis on playability and portability. Since that time, he has sold them worldwide through his company, Harrison Instruments. His joyful collaboration with Amber Dunleavy has lasted more than a decade, the two sharing a strong common interest in theremins, and performing duets on several occasions. An element in their performances place the unadorned sound of the theremins foremost, without excessive processing such as filtering, looping, and distortion.

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