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Concert: 75 Dollar Bill, Austin Larkin


Saturday October 27 * 3pm * $10

75 DOLLAR BILL in quartet form!: Che Chen's quarter-tone guitar buzz, Rick Brown's inimitable wooden box, Sue Garner on bass, guitar and auxiliary percussion and Talice Lee on violin, etc. Not to be missed!

"...[A] gloriously mind-frying, ritualistic splatter of Zen blues and Arabic and African music-influenced riff-rock repetition ... epically shambolic, thrifty and jazzy guitarscapes dripping of ecstatic hypnotism." -- Brad Cohan, The Observer

AUSTIN LARKIN focuses on sound that takes form in the irreducible, innate, (in)audible, spatial. He will present a performance of acoustic violin and microphone. Using both as distinct instruments draws awareness to the limits and potentials of both and the spectrum of possibilities between. Rather than having my instrument always mic'd or always acoustic, lately I have been experimenting with performance of both simultaneously by having the microphone situated in isolation and using the contrast, combination, gradation, as compositional material. With violin, I aim to not adhere to a singular tradition of the instrument but to create my own synthesizing a multitude of systems of thought pertaining to sound and listening.