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Workshop: Sound Sampling


Saturday Oct. 13 * 3pm * $10 suggested donation

Do you hear samples in your favorite hip hop or pop songs? Can you identify the artists behind these samples? Sonia Maria leads a workshop that goes into the rabbit hole that is the wonder world of sampling music in today's hits.

Sound Sampling is a workshop in both culture and audio editing. It is a space to share our favorite kinds of music that have utilized sampling from other works and discuss any cultural significance in the time or place of that sample. Begin to see the history of music through the lens of sampling. The Hip Hop movement as well as more modern sampling used in EDM music and other genres. See how music producers work with samples digitally and manipulate music hands on. This is welcome to all ages.

Sonia Maria is an audio engineer, podcast producer, music producer, and violinist in Washington DC. She is also a member of Women in Music, Inc. and the Women's Audio Mission. She works to propagate a female presence in the music and audio industry. She has worked for Vox Media, Voice of America, and Bloomberg.