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Concert: AKKU Quintet, Accordo dei Contrari


Wednesday October 10 * 8pm * $10

AKKU Quintet are a Swiss band based in Berne, from where they dispense a minimalistic jazz groove to great effect. Between the mesmeric ostinato, subtly shifting grooves, resonant overtones, tingling harmonics and languorous, yearning melodies, AKKU Quintet hover somewhere between smouldering, jazz-infused intimacy, expansive post-rock vistas and an insistent minimalist intensity. 

Following their acclaimed 2015 album, Molecules, AKKU Quintet have released their third record, Aeon. Intense, brooding and powerful, it contains a sequence of darkly beautiful compositions. The band avoids any obvious soloing. Instead they move through their tunes in a highly disciplined, tight formation which fans of SONAR and the work of zen-funk pioneer, Zurich-based pianist, Nik Bärtsch, will recognise and respect.

Accordo dei Contrari is an electric instrumental quartet from Italy (alto & baritone sax; electric guitar; keyboards; drums). They released four albums (Kinesis, 2007; Kublai, 2011; AdC, 2014; Violato Intatto, 2017), their last effort being considered by many as their pinnacle so far. "To call Accordo dei Contrari a jazz-fusion band would be doing them a bit of a disservice, as they travel much further than that by incorporating everything from Rock-in-Opposition/Avant textures, ambient interludes, brief cinematic Post-Rock flirtations and a touch of Canterbury-styled jazzy waftings." (Aussie-Byrd-Brother, Progarchives).