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Fortnights: Dystopia and Possible Avenues of Hope in the Area of Social Justice


FORTNIGHTS - Rhizome's communal learning series is untaught and unled. Our discussion/action groups are an opportunity for people to learn about a topic by reading, discussing, and then experimenting with the ideas that grow out of our discussions.


During the 2016-17 season Rhizome DC’s Fortnights held a reading and discussion group on Gilles Deleuze/Felix Guatari and Guy Debord’s Situationist International. The 2018/19 sessions will employ an even more participatory format, which will encourage everyone to present an author or reading of her/his choice in the area of social justice. The first meetings will be organized by Michael P. Roller and Jim Ryan. Following these two evenings we will open the readings to participants. Readings will be made available here:

OCTOBER 1, 7:30 to 9:30pm. Mike Roller will introduce the first chapter of his upcoming book: An Archaeology of Structural Violence: Life in a Twentieth Century Coal Town The book draws on material evidence from archaeology and ethnography conducted in a coal-mining town in Northeast Pennsylvania. This material evidence is placed in the dynamic context of the political economy of the United States over the course of the twentieth century. This community’s story illustrates the great ironies of this era, showing how modernist progress and plenty were inseparable from the destructive cycles of capitalism.

OCTOBER 29, 7:30 to 9:30pm. Jim Ryan, musician, poet and concerned citizen, will present short audio works by William S. Burroughs and the Czech poet Vladimir Holan to inspire a spirited discussion of the relationship between art and social justice.

Further organization and business will take place at the first meeting. A subsequent meeting is scheduled for November 19th. A list of suggested texts and authors for discussion will be provided for those who wish to avail themselves, but participants are also free to choose authors/texts of their own preference in the realm of dystopia and social justice.