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Women Uncorked

The Women Uncorked gatherings are for womyn only, talking about sex - the science, the social, the politics, the personal. It's a safe place to break free of cultural taboos on talking honestly and personally about sexual topics. We talk about about desire, love and relationships, our bodies and our sexuality. We talk intimately about living and loving as womyn today. We share wisdom with understanding and acceptance.

We are a diverse group of people who identify as womyn, with different orientations and relationship styles, different ages and life experiences, sharing perspectives and experience about the most intimate of topics. You can just sit and listen, and only talk if you feel comfortable. There will be an opportunity to write anonymous questions on index cards for group discussion, if you have something you want talked about but don't feel comfortable bringing it up.

What to expect

  • 10 to 15 womyn of all ages
  • A brief icebreaker topic
  • Reba will pass around a wide-range of sex toys, and talk about their use
  • There will be lots of laughing and talking
  • We will talk about issues of getting what you want in bed
  • We'll see what other sexy topics people want to talk about
  • We'll learn so much from the wise insights of our fellow womyn
  • If you choose, you can order something from Reba's personally-curated line of toys

Bring your favorite beverage or snacks to share if you'd like. There will also be tea. Join us!

For more information go to

$10 pre-paid/ $15 at the door