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Concert: Dressage, CGI Jesus, Jack Toft


Dressage is a Boston/NY -based band trying to push the classic organ/guitar/drums format towards the outer reaches of the cosmos. Formed in 2016 at the New England Conservatory by three students with a shared obsession with mining the instrumental nuggets of a peculiar slice of American musical history, these three lunatics take mid-century country, exotica and various other novelty musics and inject an heavy dose of improvisational strategies and general “contemporary” weirdness. Collectively, Dressage’s members have toured the U.S. and Europe, working with artists such as John Zorn, Marc Ribot, Tredici Bacci and Donna the Buffalo.

CGI Jesus - Richmond VA's favorite thrash-jazz/punk-chamber music ensemble was born out of bassist/composer Kevin Eichenberger's desire to introduce a more experimental sound and song structure to Richmond's already incredibly rich indie-rock scene. Taking cues from free-jazz icons such as Mary Halvorson, Jeff Parker and William Parker, punk and metal bands like Liturgy, Infest, and Void, and oddball rock heros such as the Microphones, Deerhoof, and the Minutemen, CGI utilizes a unique blend of songwriting, counterpoint, and improvisation to create a memorable live experience.

Jack Toft - JACK ┼OPH┼ started doin folk, then punk then rap, he totally mastered them all, then he started doin shows, always with weirdos, even though weirdos weren't even popular yet. JACK ┼OF┼ is a one man band now, hes got a rap box full of tunes that he made all by himself. JACK TOFT goes hard in the paint like Wocka Flame and Dennis Rodman in the 90s.


Later Event: January 17
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