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The Graphic Sex Project: an interactive, data-visualization installation

For the first weekend in July, Rhizome hosts an installation of hundreds of graphs people have made of what a positive sexual experience entails for them. With brightly colored 1cm cubes, people are invited to make a graph of a sexual episode, defining for themselves what each color represents. Browse the collection or make one of your own and take a picture in the furry red light box, adding your voice and perspective to the collection.

1PM Saturday, July 1st - Open house!  Come and see the graphs, an you are invited to make one of your own. Enjoy a glass of wine.

2PM Saturday - Discussion by the artist. “What’s with the little colored blocks?”  Is this just a party game, or is it a powerful communication tool? Get a totally new perspective on your sex life, and to open up revealing conversations with our sexual partners and friends.  Q&A and time after the talk to do a graph and discuss the project in a group. $5 donation to Rhizome requested

3PM Sunday, July 2nd - Open house!  Come and see the graphs, make one of your own. Enjoy a glass of wine.

4PM Sunday - Discussion by the artist and workshop with the blocks. Bring a partner to share graphs and participate in a guided discussion if desired. The process of making one's own graph can be very powerful. It encourages people to think about their sex lives in a new way, with a part of the brain not usually in play when people think about sex. People often feel after making a graph that they have new words and perspective to discuss sexual issues with partners. It creates a non-threatening, joyful tool for discussing a sometimes difficult topic. $5 donation to Rhizome requested

Also, the prequel on Thursday, June 29th at 7:30: Women Uncorked: for people who identify as women. A discussion group on all topics sexual.