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DIY Electronics with Vaux Flores #4: Platano Fuzz pedal

For our 4th DIY electronics session at Rhizome, we’ll be building
Platano’s, which are a semi-stripped down version of our production
Platano Verde pedals. Well, sort of – if you’d believe it, this is
actually the original design that I intended for the pedal but ended
up caving in to the opinions of various friends and well-wishers who
thought that a single knob just wasn’t enough if I wanted to actually
sell these things. How young and impressionable I was – however, now
that I’m all old and withered, I’m pleased to finally offer the
Platano to you the way it was always intended to be offered – with the
added bonus of having it be in a fancy workshop form to boot.

So, that being said, what is a Platano? Other than the starchier
cousin to the banana, it’s a “tropical” fuzz inspired by vintage
tropicalia and the sounds I was hearing while living in Costa Rica
circa 2011-2013. The base of the circuit was inspired by schematics
found in Brazilian radio electronics magazines from the mid-70’s and
modified for a more modern sound and less-wacky components. Somehow it
sounds amazing on violin, does a good heavy-metal crunch and ofcourse, excels swimmingly at those trying to cop vintage licks straight off an Os Mutantes record.

For this workshop, some soldering experience is recommended, but notrequired – all materials will be provided and the price of the workshop includes the pedal you get to take home with you. Enrollment is limited to 5 and the price of admission is $60.

WHEN: Sunday May 21st, 11am - 3pm