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Performances:, Jax Deluca & Patrick Cain, cebec

Maple House Collective presents..., formed in 2012 in San José, Costa Rica, is the improvisational duo of Alex Catona and Travis Johns, whose bios are as follows:

Born and raised in Romania, Alex started his early artistic endeavors playing classical cello and studying composition. He has composed and performed in dozens of interdisciplinary theatre and film projects and collaborated with such artists as Samir Akika, Markus Michailovski, Norbert Steinwartz, Janet Archer, Lorca Renoux, Alfredo Catania, Hans
Klohe, Hernan Jimenez and Jose Arce.

Travis Johns is a sound artist and educator currently residing in Baltimore, Md. As an improviser, he performs primarily on laptop and electronic instruments of his own design; with studies in the field conducted under the tutelage of Fred Frith, Joelle Leandre and Butch Morris, among others. Active in the Bay Area experimental music scene for several years, Johns moved to Costa Rica in 2011 where he concentrated primarily on building instruments for himself and others – something that he has continued to do since his return to the United States under the nom de plume of VauxFlores.

Jax Deluca & Patrick Cain - Audio-visual performance with voice, signal processing, and other tinkerings. Special guest, Phong Tran. Video manipulations crafted by Patrick Cain & Jimmy Keith.

cebec is Alexandria, Virginia, musician Matt Carpenter. Since 2005, cebec uses a modular synthesizer to interlace stepdown transformer drones and cross-feedback telemetry to manifest new machine languages.

WHEN: Friday March 24, 8pm
COST: $10 suggested donation