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Concert: Flood Beast, Scant, Lugweight, Eames Armstrong, Radiator Greys

SCANT is Matt Boetke (also of Sex Complex, Widow's Bath & Heartstrung)..ominous drones slowly give way to peaceful sounds of collapse and loss.

FLOOD BEAST (NY) is Josh Russell of Daggering and Caves Caverns, bringing killer cassette tape manipulations, swirling electronics, stabbing clang moments, rhythmic loops, and noise-dub fuckery.

LUGWEIGHT (NY) is an American guitar drone and noise artist, originally from Richmond, Virginia

EAMES ARMSTRONG (NY/DC) works in performance, noise, language, and time.

RADIATOR GREYS is the Washington, DC-based sonic collage project of Select DC's Josh Levi. Combining a mixture of samples, cassette manipulation, and electronic abstraction, Levi moves through walls with into the aural netherworld.