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Concert: Mellow Diamond, Ron Shalom & Austin Vaughn, Nagual

Monday February 13, 8pm
$10 suggested donation

Mellow Diamond: Janel Leppin is a cello virtuoso and multi-instrumentalist; an architect of acoustic and analog sound; a haunting and mythic singer with a sharp political consciousness.

Ron Shalom & Austin Vaughn: Ron Shalom is a composer, songwriter, and leader of the Cult of the Illuminated Orifice. He is a founding member of the New Perplexity composer’s collective, with whom he collaborates frequently. Most recently he has been performing in two trios: as part of the ongoing Tinnitus Music series with instrument-builder Daniel Fishkin and fiddler Cleek Schrey, and in various pop and experimental configurations with percussionist Austin Vaughn and multi-instrumentalist Dina Maccabee.

Austin Vaughn is a New York-based drummer and percussionist. He performs solo music for drumset as acoustic celebration: an exploration of overtones, sympathetic vibration, and interference beating. He studied music at Oberlin Conservatory, learning old-fashioned and new-fangled stylings with Billy Hart, Mike Rosen, Paul Samuels and Jamey Haddad. Ongoing projects include Here We Go Magic, Sam Evian, Luke Temple, Ashcan Orchestra, Ron Shalom, and Will Mason’s Happy Place.

Nagual: Spawned in Oberlin, Ohio's proliferating experimental circles, the duo of Ian McColm and David Shapiro have since 2010 become adept at coaxing damaged shades of Frippertronic drone from their extended guitar rigs. Nagual has been consistently releasing music on small imprint labels such as Cabin Floor Esoterica and Ergot Records since their inception, all the while cultivating a steady presence in live performance throughout the United States.

"Their tools are more varied than what you might find on a Pandit Pran Nath record, but Ian McColm and David Shapiro’s aim is trained on the same trance-inducing throb."
-Dusted Magazine