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Fermentation Workshop: Kimchi and Sauerkraut


In this workshop we will learn the basics of lacto-fermenting vegetables, and introduce possibilities for further experimentation at home. Using only salt, time, and little to no witchcraft, we will elevate humble cabbages and other fresh locally grown vegetables towards the realm of the divine. Our ferments will be full of complex flavors for your taste buds and teeming with microbiotic life to fortify your gut, not to mention enhancing your appreciation for the wonders of the microcosmos.

When: Monday October 16, 630-8pm
Cost: $25 (includes all materials)

Fermentation/Preservation Workshop Series
A series of hands-on workshops presenting easy, nutritious, and delicious methods for preserving food through fermentation and other means. You will leave with a jar of started ferment, the know-how to finish the process on your countertop, and confidence and understanding to do the whole process yourself next time.

Monday Aug.28: Dairy - Yogurt, Labneh, and Simple Cheeses
Monday Sept.18: Vinegar
Monday Sept.25: Sourdough
Tuesday Nov. 7: Fermenting, Freezing, and Drying Greens

About the instructor:
Layne Garrett is a musician, instrument builder, educator, and parent based in Takoma DC. On the side he is an avid fermenter of foods. Hardly a day passes without some kind of fermentation project happening on his kitchen counter - ask his roommates.