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Fortnights: Reading Rhizome

FORTNIGHTS - Rhizome's communal learning series is untaught and unled. Our discussion/action groups are an opportunity for people to learn about a topic by reading, discussing, and then experimenting with the ideas that grow out of our discussions.

Beginning Wednesday, January 25th: Reading Rhizome
We propose this series in order to explore the ideas of Gilles Deleuze, who was one of the most influential philosophers of the 20th century, and whose writings seem increasingly relevant today.

We'll begin with a short introductory session where we'll discuss Deleuze's overall philosophical project and some key concepts such as Multiplicity, Assemblages, the Body without Organs, Nomadic Space, etc. We will also view selections from 'Deleuze's Abecedaire', an interview-film produced near the end of his life.

In subsequent sessions we will read and discuss several short works such as The Rhizome (the introductory chapter of Deleuze & Guattari's 'A Thousand Plateaus'), Deleuze's 'Postscript on Societies of Control', and other works, as chosen by the group.  We will also discuss how Deleuze's affirmative philosophy of difference & emphasis on 'becoming other' may point the way to new modes of interacting outside existing social structures & organizations.

Please email us at if you plan to participate so we know how many people to expect!

WHEN: Wednesday January 25th, 7:30pm; subsequent sessions every other Wednesday
COST: Suggested donation of $5 to support the space

"“A concept is a brick. It can be used to build a courthouse of reason. Or it can be thrown through the window.” - Gilles Deleuze

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