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Performances/Potluck - Asimina Chremos + workshop participants, Shnth room performance

Skip supper. Or rather, bring yr supper. This one starts with a potluck and performance(s) in the Shnth room, followed by music/dance performance and discussion with Asimina Chremos and participants from her afternoon workshop.

630 potluck / shnth room performance
730 workshop ensemble performance, followed by group discussion with Asimina and other ensenble members

free (donations to Rhizome encouraged)

Asimina Chremos is a dancer, needleworker, and writer who focuses on embodied art processes. She has been exploring dance and related forms for over 30 years, and has been committed to solo dance improvisation, often in the company musicians, as a form for the last 15. During the 2000's she lived and worked in Chicago, where she formed a close working relationships with vocal improviser Carol Genetti. She has appeared at the High Zero Festival of experimental improvised music in Baltimore MD, and the XFest of improvised music, visuals, and movement in Holyoke MA. She is part of the Impermanent Society of Philadelphia, a group that promotes cross-disciplinary improvised performance. She currently lives in Philadelphia.

In the workshop we will throw out the assumptions of our practices and look at what is really happening as we do our improvisational performance work. We will use our eyes, our ears, our skin, our perception to open to what is arising and real and not necessarily in our control. On the other hand, we can have faith that sensitivity leads to skill, and we always have choices to make, and we can refine our personal aesthetics through those sensitive, skilled choices.

Shnth room:
Can a room be a musical instrument?  What new sounds can materials such as wood, metal, wire and skin produce when abstracted into 'data'? This interactive sound installation is meant to challenge visitors' perceptions of the relationships between physical space, gesture and sound. It also explores the creative potential of code, both to transform one’s perceived experience, and as a musical material in its own right.

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