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Soft Circuits Workshop


Combine craft and electronics to create inventive audio controllers with soft circuitry.  Soft circuit technologies allow you to explore new ways of interacting with electronic instruments.  Instead of twiddling knobs we we can squeeze, pull and move to create sounds. 

This workshop introduces participants to a range of alternative materials for building audio controllers and experiment with knitting, sewing and painting conductive circuits.  In addition to audio electronics we’ll consider the physicality of playing and attempt to invent new ways of playing with audio. No arduinos or programming are used in this workshop, it’s all stitching and wires. No previous electronics experience is necessary. Those with experience in electronics are encouraged to bring their own creations to experiment with.

This will be a flexible workshop, the following is a rough guide and could change depending on who is involved:

1- Build a simple oscillator.
First we will build a simple oscillator on a breadboard.  

2- Experimenting with example controllers.
Playing around with various types of controllers and attaching them to circuits.

3 - Make and attach controller
There are options to create a simple stretch controller with a french knitting machine or to experiment with your own design.  A range of materials and examples will be available.

Phantom Chips makes her own wearable synthesizers that can be stretched and squeezed to create sound. Her homemade ‘lectronix squeals create bent charm and harsh mangled tones through tactile electronics. Concocting rhythms from an array of homemade electronic instruments, samplers and wearable noisemakers Phantom Chips gets the audience wearing electronics and making noise.

When: Monday May 23rd 7pm
Where: Rhizome DC, 6950 Maple St NW DC
Cost: $40 (includes all materials)