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DIY Music Electronics with VauxFlores

In this workshop, we will be building a small, yet versatile analog
synthesizer, constructed entirely of common components. Designed for a
wide audience, this class is equally suited for experienced
makers, as well as those new to instrument building and sound
creation. No previous electrical experience is needed and all
materials will be provided. The synthesizer itself will be a
self-contained, bit-shifted, 4-oscillator noise box inspired by
instruments as diverse as the VauxFlores Pautron, Rob Hordijk's
Benjolin and Ciat-Lonbarde's Old Mr. Grassi – simplified to allow it
to be built from the ground up in only a half a day. Over the course
of the day, we’ll encounter a wide variety of components, as well as
schematics and electronics theory, which will be broken down in a fun,
hands-on approach that will not only produce a cool, hand-made
instrument, but also provide the electronic fundamentals that will
allow you to experiment and create your own designs to expand your
instrument after the course ends. All materials are included in the workshop cost. In addition to learning DIY electronics skills, you will leave with your own hand-built noise synth (with optional CV output for integration with modular and other equipment).

here is a quick youtube of what we will be building:

Travis Johns is a composer and sound artist and instrument builder currently active in the United States and Central America. Using processed field recordings, prepared instruments and homebuilt analog
electronics, he creates pieces that blur the lines between performance, composition and installation, often using the environment and biological processes as inspiration for his works. He holds a B.M. in Technology in Music and Related Arts from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, as well as an MFA from Mills College in Electronic Music and Recording Media, studies. He has participated in residencies at such places as the Atlantic Center for the Arts and RPI’s Create @ iEar, and has had work featured by el
Museo Centroamericano de Arte Video (MUCEVI), the Electronic Music
Foundation, Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA), and the
Bienarte 8 Costa Rican Biennial. Currently, he lives in Baltimore, Md. Where he runs the audio electronics company VauxFlores, works on a couple new works from time to time and does dad stuff, among other things.

The Details
When: Saturday April 23, noon-5pm
Where: RhizomeDC, 6950 Maple St NW DC
Cost: $100 (includes all materials)