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Astrology - Takoma Park's Birthchart

Did you know that places have birth charts just like people do? Let’s take a look at Takoma Park’s interesting birth chart and find out why it’s such a remarkable place. We'll explore how Franz Kafka, John Fahey and Berkeley, California are all connected to Takoma Park, and not just in ways that you might think. We'll also examine Jungian archetypes, and how they fit with this place. Please join us on Thursday, April 7th for what promises to be a fun and enlightening take on Takoma Park history.

Ken McGhee is a technical writer who started studying astrology in 2003, becoming active in the local NCRG astrology group. In 2010, he started giving lectures in the DC area on astrology. Ken has a particular affinity for city charts and event charts, and has previously given talks on the birth charts of Washington DC, Baltimore and Richmond, VA.

When: Thursday April 7, 7:30-9:00pm
Where: RhizomeDC, 6950 Maple St NW DC
Cost:  $5

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