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DIY Electronics with Vaux Flores #3 - The Eyecillator

For our third foray into electronics at Rhizome, we'll be building an
Eyecillator, which is a small synthesizer/noise maker designed to be
played using light and shadow as it's primary interface. Based on my
most-popular production design, this rendition of the Eyecillator now
sports a duophonic output for enhanced timbres, chirping choirs and
other extended bouts of wackiness. With some practice, you might even
be able to coax a melody out of it.

Designed for a wide audience, this class is equally suited for
experienced makers, as well as those new to instrument building and
sound creation. No previous electronics experience is needed and all
materials will be provided.

Over the course of the day, we’ll encounter a wide variety of
components, as well as schematics and electronics theory, which will
be broken down in a fun, hands-on approach that will not only produce
a cool, hand-made synthesizer, but also provide the electronic
fundamentals that will allow you to experiment and create your own
designs to expand your collection of home built monstrosities after
the course ends. All materials are included in the workshop cost. In
addition to learning DIY electronics skills, you will leave with your
own hand-built opto-synth. For those into collective jamming,
cacophonies and scaring the ever-loving wits out of every pigeon in a
three-block radius, we'll provide some speakers and a mixer for
everyone to plug into once the box is finished. Also, by popular
demand, we'll also be providing some cool markers and stamps and
whatnot to really make this box yours once the chirpings commence.

WHEN: Saturday December 10, 12-4pm
COST: $100 (includes all materials to make a working Eyecillator)