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Introduction to Flame Effects

Learn the basics of propane vapor flame effects and get hands-on building experience in this weekend workshop taught by members of the Site 3 Fire Arts team.

Saturday: In the morning we'll cover safety, more safety, the basics of using LPG (propane) as a fuel, how flame effects work, more safety, solenoid valves and ignition systems. The class will go over NFPA 160, the standard for flame effects before an audience, so that you can learn the terminology and know how to pitch these legal and (if built properly) safe devices to the local fire department for approval.

In the afternoon, we will build and test a small flame effect. If you have your own project, this is where you start. While we won't be selling kits, a parts list for a simple flame effect is available upon request. Due to venue constraints, live flame tests may be run at low pressure and may be called off due to unsafe weather conditions.

Sunday: Another day to work on your project and get it to a proof-of-concept state. We'll also talk about logistics for Burning Man and other events that enjoy fire: experiences with insurance, transportation, fuel delivery, anything else you're wondering about.

WHEN: Saturday November 12, 9am - 6pm; Sunday November 13, 11am-4pm
COST: $125