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Concert: Eric Lanham, Shouts from the Sea, Antonia

WHEN: Monday October 17,  8pm
COST: $10 suggested donation

Eric Lanham's initial output came as a member of Caboladies, a group formed in Lexington, Kentucky in 2006 in response to a vibrant experimental music community that featured similarly out-minded groups. The group focused on the hallucinatory effects of sustained tones, buried harmonics, and degraded digitalia; a pastoral hyper-stasis that would only implode as years progressed. In 2009 the duo relocated to Chicago and began to develop a more varied live approach of collapsed grid stratagem and gestural electronics. Lanham's relocation brought with it a development of various solo projects for the duo. Lanham's Palmetto Moon Electronic Group tape experiments explored micro sample abuse and sonic deterioration within digital hardware while Carl Calm evolved into an exploration of rhythm based music. "The Sincere Interruption", his debut LP under his own name, focused on live sample manipulation and acrobatic synthesis techniques. All of these stylistic divisions have collapsed as Eric Lanham has shed his pseudonyms and now performs a deranged concoction of idiom free electronic music that borrows from all schools indiscriminately, culminating in a bombastic alien experience.

The Shouts are Patrick Cain and Phong Tran. "The ancestral water mysteries turn proud. Paddling shore’s unfamiliar voyage, lost lands covered in archaic art-leafage. Mission of elastic grip-hold, tensions minimized through collective gift-offer…Voices shaped through the sea’s vast horn."--Power Moves Label

Sonic somnambulant weaving from the one and only Adriana-Lucia Cotes (of DAIS).