After operating for nearly 18 months as a DIY space and presenting over 200 programs, its become necessary for us to launch Rhizome's first-ever fundraiser. We need to raise money now in order to make some much-needed improvements to the building (including soundproofing the windows) and to make sure we can keep paying the rent through the end of the year!

If you've been to Rhizome than you know that something really special is happening here. An amazing community of people have come together to support experimental art and music in DC and ensure it continues to have a place to be seen and heard. Please help us to keep it going by donating whatever you can. There's even a sweet Rhizome T-shirt that we'll send as a token of our appreciation for donations of $100 or more. But really any amount will help.
Thank You! We can't do this without your support.
The Rhizome Team